The Art of Converting Clicks to Customers

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1) SEO Service :


Who wouldn’t love to be the firsts!! Search Engine Optimization is all about bringing your website to the top bunk of the search results. And no, it doesn’t mean paying for the place, but by satisfying some requisites off and on the webpage. Everybody on the digital universe has something to look for. Of diverse interests, they are on a quest for resources. When they look up for help on the internet, they seek the help of a Search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing. AOL, etc.). Most of the users prefer clicking one of the results shown in the first page. The top results attract more users than the rest. SEO is about bringing a website to the top stack when a user looks for help with an appropriate search tag. SEO is beneficial to both the users and the resource provider. Let’s say that a user searches for an online purchase of cardboard sheets. The results that show up must be relevant to the search. If the results end up showing links on Google cardboard, it is a disappointment at both the ends. SEO optimizes the website with a set of algorithm that on fulfilling certain conditions, offers the deserved top bunk in the results page.
Website optimization functions at two levels

1. On the page SEO      2. Off the page SEO

On the page SEO deals with requisites within the website. The website must be rich in Content, Architecture, and HTML to be considered as a competitor. Off the page SEO is about the reputation, the resource provider has earned with the public. It must have got an Authentic trust, Certified links, Personal relationship with its customers and Social popularity. SEO is like working on a blueprint, satisfying the conditions for success. This method is completely organic and doesn’t involve paid advertisements.

BHive has its skillful hands on SEO since its beginning. With its dedicated team, it takes responsible to bring the website to the top results, within a short period of time. At BHive, we also offer ideas and technical support to optimize the webpage more efficiently. We do a quality research through the company’s growth and point out areas to improve. Requisites differ for different websites. We don’t rely on a restricted set of algorithm to work for. We develop a unique checklist for each of our clients.
Bad reviews hurt more than fatal wounds. By continuous assessment and periodic evaluation, it is even possible to bury negative reviews. It doesn’t mean hiding the truth to the customer; errors happen to everyone, we only help overcoming them. The penultimate motive of SEO is to benefit both the user and the provider, to which, BHive acts as a binding force.

2) Digital marketing  : 


3) Social Media Optimization  : 

SEO- Service-Bhivetechnologies
SEO- Service-Bhivetechnologies